Ian Sommerhalder On Season Premiere

Ian Somerhalder soon will be heading back to the ‘Lost‘ set in Hawaii – for the second time this season – to film scenes for the ABC series’ grand swan song (premiering February 2).

Somerhalder, who now stars as the deliciously deviant Damon on The CW’s ‘Vampire Diaries,’ says he was left gobsmacked by the script he was handed for the first batch of scenes he shot back in September.

“I was SO blown away and so impressed [by the season opener], and so thankful I was even a part of that,” dearly departed Boone’s portrayer shared at a ‘Vampire Diaries’ cocktail reception held during the TCA winter press tour.

With the entire ‘Lost’ cast in lockdown mode when it comes to spilling anything remotely resembling a spoiler, Somerhalder would only say of the Season 6 premiere, “It’s big. I mean, the script weighed about 4 lbs. You sit there and go, ‘Wow. This is an episode of television.’”

Asked if the distance between his two shoot dates means we’ll get a bit of Boone in the opener, then another blast much farther down the line, he surmised that his scenes “will be spread out throughout the season.”


Though it’s nearly a 10-hour trek from the ‘Vampire Diaries’ set in Atlanta to Lostland, Somerhalder made the most of his September “reunion” with both the cast and Hawaii itself.

During those 27 hours in Oahu, he said, “I had dinners with my buddies Matthew Fox and Josh [Holloway] and their families, I went to, like, four of my favorite restaurants, AND I went snorkeling, AND I shot what I needed to shoot for the show.”

Source: Fancast